What Janette’s Clients are Saying

“I have been pleasantly surprised at the professionalism, commitment, and really personalized service that Janette Gleason has shown since we began the Infusionsoft mapping process.

Her unwavering commitment to mapping out our needs in Infusionsoft and her great eye for detail, has meant that Janette has really understood our business needs. I have been amazed a number of times during this process at how well she has translated my requests into really smart Infusionsoft sequences and actions.

I have worked with a number of Consultants in my business over the years, and all of them struggled to truly understand our needs… That’s just not the case with Janette. As an Infusionsoft Coach and teacher, she delivers what she promises and then she goes above and beyond – and I’m so glad that we have her!!

Lisa Armstrong – Cleancorp


Taking the leap into Infusionsoft was one we did not take lightly. Technology rollouts require time, staff and capital – 3 things that are very precious in any business.

So we knew our Infusionsoft Success Coach was going to be challenged by our 3 staff programmers who were tasked with creating some unique marketing, quickly. Janette coordinated our meetings, questions and special needs like a true pro.

She not only exceeded our expectations, but has shown us new ways to use Infusionsoft that our programmers had not conceived. You cannot ask for anything more than ‘success’ from a Success Coach.

Working with Janette has been a true pleasure.

Rod Neal – USClassics


I’d either still be fumbling and stumbling with Infusionsoft, or cancelled my subscription and stopped attempting to use it, without Janette’s patient expertise.

I believe the reason Janette is so great with and for her clients is that she’s not a “techy”. She learned Infusionsoft by implementing it for her and her husband’s business, so she learned it from a user’s perspective, not a technical perspective.

Janette relates so well to business owners because she IS a business owner herself first.

The money we invested in Janette’s expert assistance has made our Infusionsoft investment pay-off big time. Don’t even think about using Infusionsoft unless you also hire Janette to train you and at least initially help implement.

Jeff Jones – Interior Expressions Design Showroom

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