Janette Gleason is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, non-profits, events, seminars, webinars, and trainings. Janette will inspire and educate the attendees at your next event!

Presentation Topics

The Road to SweetJanette Gleason Success
Janette bases her “sweet successes” on her 10 success principles. In 2013, she personally tested these strategies in her quest to earn the #1 spot in a sales competition. She succeeded and proudly drives the grand prize: a Chevrolet Camaro. Today, Janette continues to use these tactics whenever she sets goals for herself and teaches her clients and audiences about these proven strategies, which can be easily implemented into anyone’s goal-achievement process.

Be All the Rave

Janette talks about how to create the “Rave Factor” in your business. During her talk, she shares key strategies for providing exceptional, standards-based service that will leave your clients and prospects feeling like VIPs. She will focus on tactics that will boost the likelihood of referrals, including how to serve with purpose and the importance of ensuring your new clients are a good “fit” for you and vice versa, and other strategies that create exclusivity among your client base and prospects.

Secrets to Transforming Your LifeJanette Gleason
Janette opens up about personal and professional struggles she and her family faced when the recession hit, impacting their family-owned business and their financial security. She shares seven tips that transformed her life, which led her to the rewarding career she has today as the See It, Achieve ItTM Coach.

Workshop Topics

Dream Again
Do you have big, hairy, audacious goals you want to achieve? Whether life sidetracked these goals or you’ve hit a roadblock along your journey, achieving success begins with having dreams. Janette will help participants pinpoint their big, hairy, audacious goals using one or more of her creative activities from developing bucket lists, designing Achieve Boxes, or creating focus boards. These activities get participants honed in on what they want to achieve and in a state of belief toward accomplishing their goals. One of Janette’s signature workshops, this one leaves people talking about their creations and has other people wanting to take part in this creative process. During this sought-after event, Janette works with a few individuals to entire departments to create a physical representation of their goals. Supplies are provided as part of the workshop.

Level Up
During this workshop, Janette guides executives, small business owners, or teams in developing plans that will get their business to the next level. Using a combination of activities that includes analyzing business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; identifying yearly focus strategies as well as annual targets; and developing metrics to track progress, Janette helps individuals and businesses create a road map that places them in the best position to hit strategic milestones. For Janette, the reward lies in her clients achieving greater success than they ever thought possible.


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What Janette’s Clients are Saying

Janette is an insightful speaker who speaks from real world experience. It is very obvious that she has passion for what she does. Having somebody on the team with this type of background and energy would offer nothing but positive results.

Steve Arendt – Teeco Solutions


I was so impressed and inspired after hearing Janette speak for the second time at InfusionCon. She does an incredible job of simplifying marketing tools that, on the surface, appear to be very complicated. Janette is very genuine, authentic and relatable! I look forward to hearing her speak again and will be sure to tune into her next webinar!!

Lindsay Gallego – USA Competitions


Infusioncon is exhilarating, but many of the talks can leave your head spinning with technical jargon or strategies that cost tens of thousands of dollars to implement. Your presentation was tactics that ANY business can implement wrapped in a style that is inviting and down to earth. I appreciated the real life examples you gave and the tips on bringing those examples into my business. Most of all I appreciate that your experience is largely from working with your husband. You draw from what has actually generated results in your businesses (and maybe what hasn’t) and give guidance based on real experience. Thanks, Janette for an inspiring presentation.

Kevin Ring – Institute of WorkComp Professionals

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