What’s the Theme Song for Your Mompreneur Journey?

Mompreneur Theme SongAs a mompreneur you’ve felt empowered to control your destiny. Your drive has led you down a path that you’ve chosen. And it’s leading you to your dream lifestyle, one that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of two important jobs: business owner and mother.

Many of you know that I love music. It inspires me to reach for new goals. It pushes me to try harder. Recently, I tasked a group of women that I’m coaching to select their “theme song,” one that best describes their journey today or offers that extra encouragement they need to get their days started just right. They’ve been sharing some empowering songs from “The Climb,” “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Happy.” My personal theme song (at least for the time being) is “Grown Woman.”

I’d love hear what you’d select as your theme song. Post a link to it or just share the title with us.

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