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What do these six books have in common? They are the books and authors I have selected to inspire me while I begin to write my next book! (Yes, I’m writing another book!)

There are few things I dislike more than a blank sheet of paper. When embarking on any writing project, that blank piece of paper is not only intimidating but is a complete roadblock for me. The work that goes into preparing to write helps inspire me and gives me a structure to follow. If you’ve ever worked with me, you know I love to work on the master plan first and then break things down into smaller parts.

While selecting these books, I looked at format, writing style, personality, wisdom, support and knowledge. I decided on these authors who range from friends, colleagues, and coaches to serve as my role models and heroes:

  • Body of Work, by Pamela Slim: I will borrow Pam’s practical and grounded ability to deliver as well as her ability to create memorable connections for readers.

  • The Starshine Effect, by Trish McCarty: Trish’s beautiful use of language to tell stories and experiences along with her personal coaching and wisdom will guide me through this new adventure.

  • Get It Done, by Sam Bennett: Sam’s book will remind me of the creative artist that I am, to be playful and not to be too hard on myself!

Now that I have identified my reader, settled on the topic, found my inspiration in these books, and designed a structure, I’m so ready to embark on this journey!

How do you find the inspiration for a project or what books have inspired you?

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