What’s in Mommy’s Bag?

Mommy's BagAs moms, we’ve all been there. You know the moment you feel like you’ve become a pack mule! Whether your child is 1 year old or 10, it’s bound to happen. Why? Well, moms, I sincerely believe it’s because of our bags. Long gone are the days of the cute, little crossbody purse…these days our everyday purse has become the size of a diaper bag even though our kids have been potty-trained for years! I know you can relate. You’ll be out shopping and one of your kids will hand you a trinket a friend gave to her or a half eaten granola bar to “save it for later.”

I thought it would be fun if you dug through your mommy bag and shared some of the surprises you’ve stashed in there. Here are the four items I found in my own bag:

  • 3 tins of peppermint Altoids (2 of which are empty!)

  • A recipe for vegetable soup

  • Chopsticks

  • Ticket stubs from a Spring Training baseball game

What’s in your mommy bag?

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