Mixing School with Pleasure

Summer Activities_ Two Girls and Art Project

With summer vacation underway, the furthest thing from your children’s minds is school. However, as a mom and a former teacher, it’s so important to incorporate learning into their summer activities. These days, there are many great opportunities to mix “school” with pleasure and here are some ideas for you to consider:

1. Workbooks. You can find reading, writing and math workbooks at major retailers and even your local dollar store. Have your child set a goal to complete one or two pages each day to practice his penmanship or refresh her math skills.

2. Summer reading programs. Your local library will most likely organize a summer reading program. Some even hand out special coupons and prizes if you sign up on the first day! Other businesses also encourage children to read throughout the summer. For instance, Pizza Hut’s “Book It!” program runs June 1-August 15. This summer reading challenge offers fun activities that incorporate reading every day. You’ll find them in the “Parent Tools” area of the Book It! program website.

3. Field trips. When I was a teacher, I’d give my students a sheet with the alphabet written on it. I challenged my kids to find a word that began with each letter. This encouraged them to read the signs throughout the museum to learn about the exhibits, and it’s a simple thing to do together on the next trip to one of your family’s favorite museums.  Download the ABC Chart here.

4. Summer camps. Whether your children show an interest in acting, art, science or computers, there are opportunities for them to explore these interests further. Check with your local park district, church and even school districts to learn more about their offerings during the summer months. You might be surprised at the workshops and camps available right in your community!

If you’ve got other ideas to mix learning with pleasure, please share them with us!

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