From School to Home: Tips for a Smooth Transition

School’s out! Your kids are back at the house. What’s a mompreneur to do?

SummerScheduleDuring the school year, we moms pack in a full day’s work in just a few hours. Now that it’s summertime, things change overnight for the mompreneur. To make the transition easier for you and your family, I have some tips to help you stay productive while juggling your work and time with your children.

1. Create a summer schedule. Organize your days by creating a new schedule for the time your kids are out of school. I create a summer schedule and use it as guide to keep me on target and focused each week. I’ve included a My Weekly Schedule that I use to help you plan your family’s schedule, too.

2.  Get help. Remember it takes a village so don’t be afraid to ask for help! Round up the troops (a sitter, a neighbor, a grandparent, etc.) to watch the kids while you’re working or sign the kids up for community activities and programs so YOU have some time to focus on your work or run your errands.

3.  Set boundaries. Let your kids know what you have planned for the day and set clear expectations for their behavior. Before I call my clients, I make sure my kids have snacks, drinks and activities to keep them fed and occupied during these meetings.

4.  Plan for fun with the kids. Even though you are working through the summer, you definitely want to take some time to have fun with the kids. Think about squeezing in breaks each day to play a game or block out an entire afternoon every week or two for a family outing.

5.  Don’t forget time for you. With the hustle and bustle of summertime activities, it can be really easy to neglect yourself, but it’s important to have “me” time to get re-energized. Put your smartphone away, turn off the computer, watch your favorite TV show, get a pedicure, take a walk or soak in a bubble bath. Remember: Happy Mom = Happy Family!

As a mom, how do you help your family make the transition to summer?

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