My Top 10 Favorite Places to Work

One of the perks of living the mompreneur lifestyle is the flexibility in my schedule. One day I’m working from home and the next I’m presenting at a conference. It creates lots of excitement for me to get a change of scenery every day. And being able to work in unconventional places that serve as my “office” for the day or even just for a few hours is something I LOVE about being a mompreneur. Here are my favorite places to work:

1.  Home office – I head to my home office when it’s serious business! Whether it’s sales calls, virtual implementation sessions with my clients, group coaching calls, or paying bills and filing, my home office gets me in the right frame of mind to punch through my to-do list.

2.  Family room recliner – With my laptop in hand, I love sitting in my recliner to work on following up and checking in with my contacts. It’s a comfortable and casual place for me to concentrate on responding to emails, checking in on social media, and completing light tasks for clients.

3.  Back patio – What do I do when I’m in the mood to brainstorm ideas for projects, business planning, and writing ideas? I sit outside on our back patio! This is where I go to transfer ideas from my head onto my laptop, notebook, or simply a piece of paper.

4.  Poolside – Summertime brings pooltime fun with my kids! While they splash around, I Poolsidekeep tabs on them as I work. When I need a break, I jump into the water to get refreshed and enjoy some time with my kiddos. All year round, I look forward to the end-of-day chats with my husband, Joe, on deck. It’s a great time for us to share our day with each other and make plans for the next!

5.  Airplane – When traveling, I always bring books to read, paper to write on, and my laptop! I find that I keep super-focused during a flight and find myself doing long-term planning by creating outlines or maybe a scope and sequence for a new coaching program or workshop.

6.  Office – At least one day a week, I spend time at our financial planning and tax preparation office. Along with my husband, I help facilitate staff meetings and training to keep everyone aligned with our mission and purpose as well as focused on achieving our quarterly goals.

7.  A client’s workplace – I really enjoy meeting with my clients in their workplace. Seeing them in action helps me understand their needs better. Together we work on marketing strategy, business planning, and building campaigns in Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Headquarters8.  Infusionsoft’s headquarters – At least once a month, I plan a visit to Infusionsoft’s headquarters. I love the positive energy I feel there! I’m sure to schedule in-person meetings with Infusionites (Infusionsoft employees) to build relationships, get help, and provide feedback.

9.  Kitchen table – On occasion, when I’m feeling like I just need a clear workspace, I head for our kitchen table. I’ve discovered that a fresh perspective and uncluttered space allows me to get things done.

10.  Bed – I have to admit that most of my writing occurs while sitting in bed! I grab a glass of water (sometimes wine!) and head to this quiet sanctuary away from the constant sounds in our happy home. I find that I do my best writing there.

Every day is an adventure as a mompreneur. It’s impossible to get bored with so many places to get my work done!

Where is your favorite place to work?

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  1. My favorite place to work is my home office, but I would love a three-season room to use as an office every now and then.

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